Clean Clubhouse

We belong to a boat club in the Annapolis area. We just got a new cleaning company because of our new Vice Commodore. They are great, Annapolis Clean Carpet  ( And this was just one of several things. Here is how it happened.

Our club is a fun place, and it is nice to hang around there and relax sometimes before or after going out on the boat. We recently got a new Vice Commodore who has been doing a bang up job. To a large extent it is the luck of the draw. All the board positions are volunteer. No one is paid. So we have had some bad ones who don’t do anything, but this time we lucked out and have a great one.

He started looking at the different people we use and how much we pay them and were there any savings to be had. There had been some complaints about the effectiveness of the cleaning service, so he looked there first. He got bids from different companies and decided to go with Annapolis Clean Carpet . We are all so glad he did. We hadn’t realized what a poor job the old service was doing because the decline was gradual.


They came in and cleaned the carpets and they look like new. That wasn’t all. They waxed and polished the tile flooring and it sparkles now. They also have a window cleaning service and we are getting a lot more light in now. It was always great because who doesn’t like being near the water, but it is such a pleasure now to walk into the clubhouse.


Next the Vice Commodore looked at the company that was providing our oil. He found that we were paying for servicing and no servicing was being done. They hustled over that week. He also found they were charging us a high amount. They had never dropped prices when prices came down and we were paying 30% too much. They hemmed and hawed and prevaricated and then they dropped the price.


Next he tackled electrical. We have a large project to rewire our entire pier along with some other work. He got bids from a couple of people. The electrician we have been using bid twice as much for the same work as the other guy.

At this rate, we could afford to pay the VC a salary he is saving us so much money. If you belong to a club, you might want to check into various things and see if you can save some money. You might be surprised.