Joys of Sailing

Yes, you would get there faster on a power boat. But there is something special about a sailboat. It is as if you are going back in time or communing with nature. It is hard to explain unless you have done it.

Having grown up sailing it is just part of you. I can’t imagine what it would be like to do for a first time. I can remember taking some friends out when I was a lot younger. I had them try steering the boat. When I told them to have the boat move closer to the wind they just looked at me in such a puzzled way. “Where is the wind coming from?” I was stunned. Growing up sailing, you just know. It is such second nature it never even occurred to me that someone wouldn’t know where the wind is coming from.

So how do you know? You tell by the direction of the waves, the feel of the wind on your face, by what the sails are doing and probably other things I am not even aware of.

It is so magical when you get out and put up the sails and turn off the engine and it is just quiet except for hearing the wind in the sails and the slap of the waves at the side of the boat.

There is also the feel and the skill. Sailboats are designed to go through waves and they have a gentle rocking motion unlike the pounding you get with a power boat. Although there are times in rough weather where you can really pound into the waves in a sailboat and it isn’t much fun. But the motion is normally very relaxing. (This isn’t quite as true of racing because you are paying attention to every little detail trying to get the boat to go as fast as possible.)

Day sailing is great, but it is a whole other experience to go out for the weekend and anchor out and spend the night. Sometimes by yourself or sometimes with friends on their boats and you tie up (raft up) together and share hors d’oeuvres and drinks together.

You know all those grand mansions with the great water view with the long driveways? The ones you are curious about but can’t see from the road? Well, because they have water views, boats have great views of them. So whether you are staying in a creek or river with great views of magnificent homes, or a secluded creek ¬†surrounded by corn fields or perhaps dense trees overhanging the water, it is so idyllic and peaceful.

Even if you go out for a sale for an evening in the middle of the week, it is so relaxing. You immediately leave the stress of work behind.